Sarah Jarosz - Polaroid Lovers

Sarah Jarosz - Polaroid Lovers

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Release Date 26th January

Polaroid Lovers is the 7th studio album from four-time GRAMMY winner Sarah Jarosz. Produced by Daniel Tashian, Polaroid Lovers is a bold creative statement that sees Jarosz exploring new sonic territory. The 11 songs on the album, all co-written by Jarosz with songwriters including Tashian, Jon Randall, Ruston Kelly, and Natalie Hemby, touch on themes both personal and universal: love, longing, and finding one’s place in the world.


  1. Jealous Moon
  2. When The Lights Go Out
  3. Runaway Train
  4. The Way It Is Now
  5. Dying Ember
  6. Columbus and the 89th
  7. Take The High Road
  8. Don’t Break Down On Me
  9. Can Days Turn Around
  10. Good At What I Do
  11. Mezcal and Lime