Ludovico Einaudi - Undiscovered

Ludovico Einaudi - Undiscovered

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Release Date 18th September

“Looking back at the music I have written over the past 25 years I notice that every album has its distinct and specific physiognomy. I also see each piece as the chapter of a novel, because I've always composed music that could be enjoyed as single songs but also as if they were part of a larger musical architecture. Every time I also notice that each of my albums contains one or more highlights that has captured the attention of the listeners more than others have. Sometimes, beyond my intentions, some pieces became all-time favourites and the only ones to be played on the radio. I have realized that this seems to be the destiny for most of the composers' repertoire, with any kind of genre. Beside those few hits, the rest more or less live in the shadows. With these thoughts in mind I have selected some pieces from different albums and film scores that have been kept more hidden than others, hoping to reveal some of the pieces that I consider as an important part of my repertoire. For me it was nice to look back, brush up my memories, being surprised and somehow rediscover myself, and compose a new necklace made of stones of my past” - Ludovico Einaudi. Full PR attached.


  1. Fuori Dal Mondo
  2. Other Nature with Robert & Ronald Lippok - Whitetree
  3. Due Tramonti
  4. In Un’Altra Vita - Live at La Scala (Milan, 2003)
  5. Koepenik with Ronald Lippok – Whitetree
  6. Main Theme from ‘The Third Murder’
  7. Elegy for the Arctic
  8. Giorni Dispari
  9. Al Di Là Del Vetro - Live at La Scala (Milan, 2003)
  10. Resta Con Me
  11. Lady Jane - Live at La Scala (Milan, 2003)
  12. La Nascita – Live at Berlin
  13. Inizio
  14. Choros
  15. Mali Sajio with Ballaké Sissoko
  16. Mercury Sands with Robert & Ronald Lippok – Whitetree
  17. Taranta
  18. Circles (Based on ‘Experience’) with Greta Svabo Bech
  19. Nuvole Bianche with Alessia Tondo
  20. Experience – Starkey Remix