Johnny Blue Skies (Sturgill Simpson) - Passage Du Desir

Johnny Blue Skies (Sturgill Simpson) - Passage Du Desir

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Release Date 12th July

Independent Shops Exclusive Metallic Gold LP

Sturgill Simpson makes his long-awaited return to music this year with an
extensive fall tour along with a new album under a new name, Johnny Blue Skies.

After promising to release only five studio albums under his own name, Sturgill Simpson marks the beginning of a new era with Johnny Blue Skies and the release of Passage Du Desir. Released on his own independent label, High Top Mountain Records, the album includes eight songs produced by Johnny Blue Skies and David Ferguson and recorded at Clement House Recording Studio in Nashville, TN and Abbey Road Studios in London, England.

Track Listing:

  1. Swamp of Sadness

  2. If The Sun Never Rises Again

  3. Scooter Blues

  4. Jupiter’s Faerie (Mourning Dawn)

  5. Who I Am

  6. Right Kind of Dream

  7. Mint Tea

  8. One for the Road