Bob & Ron Copper - Traditional Songs From Rottingdean

Bob & Ron Copper - Traditional Songs From Rottingdean

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After a limited release to members of the English Folk Dance and Song Society in 1963, this touchstone folk record was unavailable in its original running order until early 2015, when Fledg'ling Records reissued the album on CD. Now Fledg'ling restores the album to its original format, with a 180gm vinyl record, original artwork, and both the original and expanded sets of notes.


Side: 1

  1. Two Brethren
  2. Month Of May
  3. Honest Labourer
  4. Birds In The Spring
  5. Shepherd In Love
  6. Threshing Song
  7. Dame Durden
  8. Season Round

Side: 2

  1. Innocent Hare
  2. Lark In The Morning
  3. Hard Times Of Old England
  4. Spencer The Rover
  5. Spring Glee
  6. Good Ale
  7. Babes In The Wood
  8. Cupid's Garden